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Hello, and welcome to GeoIssues!

GeoIssues is dedicated to exploring the issues which politically, environmentally, or socio-economically threaten our world, researched from a perspective that is not just opinion, and is not just statistics, but an analysis that cuts to the heart of the debate.

It explores how geography can help uncover the crux of world issues, and the real motivations behind world threats, fully sourced and cited in each post for your continuing research.

My name is Matthew and I live in Guildford, UK; I am a sixth-form student currently studying geography, Spanish, English literature, and maths at A Level. I love reading, running, and playing the French horn.

But one of my favourite things to do is to debate the current world issues: I like getting into intense arguments with people, and I especially enjoy the satisfaction of destroying an opponent’s defence!

However, a strong argument is always question of research and factual detail, not just rhetoric. Too often, news websites are hectic, and the analysis they provide is too shallow and transient, editorial, or too localised on a single sentence uttered by a politician, which is inconsequential in the bigger picture.

That’s where GeoIssues comes in: it’s not an editorial, but an explanation of a current affairs issue that weaves the facts and differing opinions into a synthesis, helping to clarify the murky issues around the headlines.

So, if like me, you are fascinated by the most important debates across our planet, but feel stranded without facts or a line of argument, follow me on GeoIssues!

above me hiking in the Brecon Beacons last year on holiday

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